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I have owned the domain since June of 2000.  I’m a private person, so I always procrastinated about posting personal information on the Internet.

But, I guess that since this is the last 10 minutes, it really doesn’t matter anymore.  So,  for anyone that may be interested, here you go.  I will be adding much more as time goes on.

My Sub heading above  “Health, Justice and Respect”  is something I have always believed in. Of course, anyone who remembers Superman will recognize the modification that I use. You remember that it was  “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

Health is the most important part. If you don’t have your health, everything else is crap. Fortunately, I must come from a good genetic pool, since I have not encountered any major adverse health issues. Yes, I do have normal aches and pains like most guys my age, but nothing so far that has taken me down for any length of time.

Justice and my propensity for it has probably been the reason I never made a bundle of money. I was always worried about the other guy and therefore didn’t make selfish type business decisions. Oh well, maybe next time.

Respect is probably the forgotten attribute in modern society. You can see how it has diminished by observing politicians and their actions. This is demonstrated from the very top to the very bottom. Just look at how the president of the United States has divided our great country. Instead of setting a good example and showing how a respectful person should act, he calls names and belittles anything or anybody that doesn’t share his opinion.

When I speak to friends about  their children, a dominating theme regarding “lack of respect” always seems to surface. It’s already too late for many of our children to ever reinstate such qualities as “honor thy father and mother,” be respectful of your elders,” etc.. Our children will never understand or perhaps when they are seniors and their children do as they do the light will come on. Of course, it will be too late for my generation.

It’s interesting that when one reaches the age when acquaintances and friends begin to die off, you can’t help but realize your own mortality.  I just turned 75 on February 21, 2013 and can’t help but wish for 20 more.  If I knew I had 20 more, I might start another business. Oh hell, I probably will anyway. I have never let anyone or anything stop me before.

Unlike most of my websites, this one will not be commercial in any way. I have in mind to keep this for the family and only post family related pictures and articles.


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