Fred Katz

My Father

1910 – 1994   83 and 5 months old


My motive is to preserve the memory of my father as I perceive it. I have chosen to only remember the good and dismiss all negative encounters and events. Exceptions to this rule is when I remember a negative that is humorous.

I would also like to put in writing  the following: I forgive my father for each and every confrontation we ever had throughout our lifetime.  I choose to believe that if he were here right now, he would forgive me the same. If I forgive someone, I do not hold grudges. I believe that if you forgive something or someone the score should be placed back to zero and a new beginning is created.

As time goes on I will reflect stories and perhaps a bio on him.  If anyone reading this page remembers things about Fred, by all means email me and write out the story as best you can. I will then post it on this website.


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