Fred 42


About 1952 .. Fred in early 40’s

This pic was taken at our plumbing supply store in Los Angeles, CA

“Reel Plumbing Supply”


Memory of Nathan:

We had a pit bull dog that we would turn loose at night to guard the yard area. When Dad would open each morning, he would have to hold a stick and threaten the dog with it. That was the only way he could enter without being bitten. As a little kid I sometimes would come to work with Dad. I remember one time, it was raining very hard and I asked Dad to bring the dog into the office.  He was reluctant, but, he could never refuse me about anything.  So, the dog came in the office and it wasn’t five minutes before he snapped at me. Dad kicked the dog in the butt and chased him out into the yard.  I told you so, he said.

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